Below you will find a list of the main features of Registry Toolkit. If you would like to see these features live you may download the software right now.

Scans your registry and hardrive for invalid & incorrect program shortcuts.

It will check every single registry entry to make sure it points to valid file names. If a broken shortcut is found it is deleted, so it doesn't take up precious resources.

Repairs frequent windows rebooting problems and system freezes.
Scans your System Registry for invalid entries and incorrect program shortcuts to insure there aren't any corupted files or missing shortcuts.

Startup management helps you customize your startup list and eliminate startup clutter.
It reduces the time it takes for your computer to start by removing unnecesary programs that use up valuable system resources. This is the biggest speed boost you can give to your computer without upgrading any harware.

BHO manager lets you remove unused internet explorer plug-ins, to ensure a faster internet experience. A Browser Helper Object or BHO is a helper program that is associated with the Internet Explorer browser. Every time you open Internet Explorer all BHOs installed on your PC will be loaded and run along with the browser. Even if you don't use Internet Explorer, BHOs may be loaded each time you open a new folder in Windows Explorer.

Internet Explorer backup/restore. Keeps a backup copy of all your internet explorer settings.You can easily repair Internet Explroer if any program or spyware software changes any of its settings.

Keeps backups of any registry change made by Registry Toolkit, so you can always go back and restore it. Before making any changes to your System Registry, first it creates a System Restore Point and then it backs up all affected Registry keys, so you can restore them if you choose to do so.

Add or remove programs manager lets you remove unused software that was previously installed and remove unnecessary clutter from your computer. This feature allows you to remove applications that were uninstalled incorrectly or weren't completely removed by the Add/Remove Programs utility.

Live Update feature. Automatically checks for new updates upon program startup. Helps keep Registry Toolkit up to date to make sure you are always using our latest software.

Cutting-edge system scanning algorithms. Registry Toolkit uses a proprietary detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry.

Compatible with the latest Windows Vista. Unlike many of our competitors' software, RegistryToolkit handles Windows Vista's new security features correctly. Vista will now let any uncompatible software access the Windows Registry, making many other registry cleaners obsolete.

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